Lady Antebellum toasts American Honey as #1

Lady Antebellum came out to toast writers Cary Barlowe, Hillary Lindsey and Shane Stevens for their number one American Honey at The Bound’ry Monday night. More than twice the expected guests were in attendance, filling the upstairs room with more than 150 people.

American Honey is the second single from the groups’ second studio album, Need You Now and their fifth single overall. Congrats to Cary and Shane for their first number ones! They raked in plaque after unique plaque including an American Flag and lyric sheet montage and jars of whiskey wrapped with the lyrics and put in a keepsake box. They all used their traditional number one silver cups to take a chug of whisky, the inspiration behind the song.

Hillary shared the story of meeting Shane in 1997 when he was washing her hair. “He would say honey what have you done with your roots? He stills says that. What we have is magical,” Hillary said with tears filling her eyes, leading Shane to cry.

It was definitely one of the more entertaining, emotional number ones I have attended. Cheers to a successful party!


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