Nashville music artists spotlighted in new documentary~

Nashville’s music scene stretches far beyond the country genre, but it’s still rarely noted. The hip-hop community in Music City has been getting some love lately thanks to Sean Maloney over at the Nashville Scene. My pal and talented journalist Ray Zate recently wrapped up a documentary about artists Stix Izza and Fate Eastwood as they embark on their first collaborative album.

“Both artists faced overwhelming adversity at a young age, long before they met. Now years later, with the help of a talented group of friends and Nashville talent, they embark on their journey for stardom. BUILDING THE HIGHWAY TO MARS is a story that is more than music, it’s about overcoming adversity, the power of friendship, family,brotherhood, and chasing dreams, a journey that has them on a path, Building The Highway to Mars,” stated Zate via press release.

Check out the trailer, it looks great. I’m looking forward to the private screening next week!

The film was shot in Nashville and the US Virgin Islands and is currently in consideration for screenings at the International Black Film Festival of Nashville and the Oaxaca Mexico International Film Festival.


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