Three 6 Mafia kick off 12th Ave Live block party~

I’ve been to many hip hop shows where the live performances just didn’t live up to the hype you hear on their CD, but that wasn’t the case Friday night. Three 6 Mafia headlined the 12th Ave Live block party and put on one heck of a show. The energy could be felt through the whole block, as dozens of fans where invited to join the group on stage throughout most of the night. It was a full on dance party with no lack of passion from fans and the group alike.

Mai and 12th & Porter pulled in the Memphis group for the kick off as well as DJ Wick-it , Slow Motion Centerfold, The Beauty School Dropouts and Sam & Tre. The event hosted by Big Fella, pulled in 4,000 people proving that Nashville wants and needs more outside music venues.

Word spread that poptart Kesha was in the house and may be making an appearance on stage, but she only ended up hanging backstage. However, I did snap a pic of her sharing some love with Three 6 Mafia’s DJ Paul.

Yound Buck (pictured) also came out and jumped on stage to perform with the Memphis fellows. Earlier in the day they had worked on a music video shoot together.

I’ve heard there are several performers already booked for the 12th Ave Live upcoming concert series.

Unmarked photos by Andy Evinger


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