Revolver: boutique spotlight

Only one week of shopping left people! So as you step out that door to check your list, think local. Here is a little piece we did on the new boutique, Revolver. The store offers unique clothes and gifts and buying local supports Nashville’s economy.

When you walk through the doors at Revolver on Church Street, you walk across $7,000 worth of pennies. That alone should be enough for you to check out the new store. I have noticed more stores opening in Music City that offer live music and this store is one of them. I wish it was in every store really. Revolver is not only a spot where you can pick up “premium street fashion” and hear live music, but there is also a screen printing shop and art gallery. Check out our video with the store owners Charlie Koeppen and Matt Procter or stop in to 1703 Church Street for yourself.


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