Not Melissa Mansfield’s first time to follow Kenny Chesney: News 2 Exclusive

Reported By Andy Cordan & Stephanie Langston News 2
Woman charged after trespassing on Kenny Chesney’s property

FRANKLIN, Tenn.Authorities in Williamson County early Wednesday morning arrested a woman for trespassing on the property of country music star Kenny Chesney.

Deputies responded to Chesney’s home shortly after 2 a.m. to find Melissa Carol Mansfield in a bathroom near the pool area. She had reportedly been drinking wine and smoking cigarettes.

“She was found around the pool area, in a restroom,” Williamson County Sheriff’s Deputy Hugh Tharpe told Nashville’s News 2. “[The] corporal was looking around the perimeter and found her in a restroom. She had at least one, if not two bottles of wine with her.”

Chesney’s home is high atop a hill, surrounded by a fence with a private gate. There are signs that clearly say, “No Trespassing.”

The sheriff’s office was alerted to the trespassing after an alarm at the home sounded.

It’s believed Mansfield somehow got around the fence after traveling to Nashville from Knoxville via Greyhound bus.

Mansfield told deputies that she initially traveled to Knoxville to see Chesney’s parents from her home in Murrieta, California, near San Diego.

From Nashville she took a limo to Chesney’s Williamson County home about 25 miles south, according to deputies.

“She claimed to have a relationship with Mr. Chesney and they were dating but that was not confirmed at all,” Tharpe said. “The property manager said that Mr. Chesney was out of town and she didn’t have permission to be on the property.”

He continued, “She claims she had a relationship with the homeowner and he invited her there.”

Chesney’s publicist confirmed via email that Mansfield has no connection to Chesney. Chesney was not home at the time of the break-in.

Thursday’s Mansfield’s brother, Austin, called the news of his sister’s arrest “heartbreaking,” adding his family has tried to get Melissa the help she needs several times.

Over the phone, Austin Mansfield, who lives in Georgia, told Nashville’s News 2 drinking is a battle his sister has been fighting for “quite some time.” He said they put her in rehab for her drinking problem just two weeks ago.

Mansfield said his sister hasn’t worked in a while and Wednesday wasn’t the first time she tried to track down Chesney. He said she once followed the singer to the Virgin Islands.

Mansfield is charged with criminal trespassing and public intoxication and remained in the Williamson County jail on a $1,000 bond Thursday afternoon.

Rather than bail her out, Austin Mansfield told Nashville’s News 2 they instead would like to get her psychiatric help.

Mansfield is scheduled to appear in a Williamson County courtroom next Thursday, February 23.

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