Fashion takes center stage in Music City~

Nashville Fashion Week, a city-wide celebration of Nashville’s thriving fashion and retail community, kicked off Tuesday. Featuring local, regional and national design talent in fashion events and shows, the five-day event encourages both Nashville residents and visitors alike to explore the city’s diverse fashion and retail spaces with promotions, partnerships and workshops.

“People are coming from all over the country to come to Nashville. We like to say that fashion doesn’t have a zip code and I think Nashville fashion week proves that,” fashion week media relations head Cindy Wall told Nashville’s News 2.

Wall said all of the money raised at the event will go to support the Nashville Fashion Forward Fund, which financially supports local designers to further their career.

“Fashion is not just beautiful clothes. It’s about our industry our local economy and all of the folks who make a living in the fashion industry,” she explained. .

Some of the clothes showcased will be in local stores around the city.

Local designer Amanda Valentine is back for her second year. She came up with a 15 piece collection in three weeks.

“It’s just a showcase for me, I just want to show it off and it’s also a personal creative challenge,” she explained.

Traver Rains is also back for his second year. He made the journey to Music City from Los Angeles.

“I love doing shows outside of New York and L.A. because I like to bring the essence of two different places,” Rains told Nashville’s News 2.

Nearly 30 local boutiques are also hosting daily events and deals to support Fashion Week. A percent of sales at participating stores will go back to support the fund

Nashville Fashion Week runs through Saturday, March 24. Visit for complete details.
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