“Erasing Hate” film documents gang member’s life change

I cover the Nashville Film Festival every year, but it’s rare that I actually get to see a film. This year I was able to catch several, but the one that kept my attention the most was “Erasing Hate.”

The documentary follows the transformation of a violent Neo Nazi skinhead to a working family man, from the outside in. Bryon Widner’s face, neck and hands were covered with racist tattoos. He undergoes two dozen surgeries at Vanderbilt University Medical Center to remove them. The tattoo removal was just the outward sign of an inner transformation. “Erasing Hate” chronicles both, in a film that takes viewers inside the dark world of racist skinheads, yet offers hope in the story of one man’s struggle to escape a life of addiction, bigotry and hatred.”

I caught up with the director, writer and producer Bill Brummel at this years Nashville Film Festival. He told me Bryon continues to receive threats for leaving the gang and has had to move out of Nashville. Brummelis also under a deadline to raise funds to spread this films message. You can click HERE to help fund the campaign.


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