Taps & Tapas undergoes extreme burger makeover

541080_10150973094766214_625986213_12100711_1788414435_n The intimate dining spot in the heart of Hillsboro Village on Belcourt, Taps and Tapas is undergoing a makeover. Starting Friday, they drop the “Tapas” from the name and it will now be known as “Taps.” You can’t see a visual face lift just yet, but it’s around the corner.

The new spot will be known for its stuffed burgers. I’m not talking about just stuffed with cheese, but all sorts of spices and fresh ingredients. You really can’t go wrong with any of them, but my two favorites are the Sunday Brunch and Hell’s Kitchen (pictured). Warning you might need a fork to eat one, these suckers are thick and juicy!

The Sunday Brunch is stuffed with onions, Benton’s bacon and smoked gouda cheese then topped with an egg and a maple glaze. This thing is freaking delish. It’s a bit sweet, but has the perfect balance of savory flavors nd is topped with a pretzel bun. I bet this one is a perfect solution to cure a hangover.

The Hell’s Kitchen has a kick! Yes, of course it’s spicy hence the name. This burger is stuffed with jalapeño and habanera chilies, pepper jack and American cheeses and topped with homemade spicy mustard. The mustard has a hint of honey to it, which balances it out to the exact amount of spiciness that my taste buds can handle.

Another top contender is the Balboa. This meat is stuffed with mozzarella, fresh basil, Italian seasoning and topped with homemade marina.

On the side? The have a slew of fresh cut delicious fries to choose from like truffle, parmesan and my favorite the sweet potato (dusted with a secret seasoning that has a hint of nutmeg).

I’m anxious to see the spot make the transformation into a hip burger joint as it axes the Tapas, weeds out the songwriters and covers the walls with pictures of folks biting into juicy burgers. In the meantime, you should still go and try the new menu!


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