One-on-one with “Nashville’s” Sam Palladio & Josh Doyle at 3rd and Lindsley

Englishmen Sam Palladio & Josh Doyle played to a sold out crowd at 3rd & Lindsley and Yallwire was there. The two chatted with me backstage. I find out why they have walked similar career paths. Sam also fills us in on the heated “Nashville” drama and how he just wrapped filming “Runner, Runner,” opposite Justin Timberlake, Ben Affleck and Gemma Arterton.

Meanwhile, Josh, formerly of the Dum Dums, is gearing up to hit the road as the winner of Guitar Center’s first Singer-Songwriter competition. The prize put Josh back in the studio and resulted in his first full-length album, including the hit single “Solarstorms.” These two are certainly artists to watch in 2013!


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