I woke the lone Titans camper, I went viral

WKRN, Nashville News, Nashville Weather and Sports Going viral is an interesting animal. I didn’t have any intentions when I decided to wake David Cline from his slumber to talk about camping out for Titans tickets. Once Deadspin picked up my live shot, it took off like a virus. The station phones lit up, my phone blew up and in a flash it was all over the Internet, the radio and the TV. It made headlines on Yahoo, USA Today, ESPN, CNN, LA Times, etc. I have heard it takes 10,000 hits in 24 hours to go viral; we hit nearly 30,000 in only a couple of hours. Unfortunately, we ended up having to remove the video from Youtube. Those numbers no longer exist.

Once my story was in the hands of other Networks and journalist, I had no control over how Mr. Cline was portrayed. Unfortunately, some took a negative approach. I personally think that the majority of people buy tickets online. I am sure the Titans will continue to sell out like they have every game since 1999. For the three or four naysayers out there… Did I have to wake him? No. However, I knew David would be happy to talk about his love for the Titans especially on TV. I have interviewed him several times before. One of my jobs as a live reporter is to interact with my environment and I did just that. I by no means meant to insult him with my Internet comment. I was making a joke and I believe he knows that. David has reached out to me since and was ecstatic about the mad amount of coverage.

The best part of all this buzz is how many people have reached out wanting to give David a ticket. He did tell me that he was buying the one ticket, with money he made by selling The Contributor. I strive to use my platform to help others; hopefully this story will do just that and score David a few free tickets. After all, he is the biggest Titans fan around and a darn good sport at being awakened by a TV crew.

  • Mark D

    So proud of you Stephie!

  • DianaBGKY

    David is a sweet and kind guy. And he adores his Titans. Thanks, Steph.


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