P.O.D. rocks their way to Music City

 photo image.jpg By: Andy Evinger
You ready to rock? West Coast rockers P.O.D are headed to Marathon Music Works in Music City next week. P.O.D hails from southern California and have been making their mark in the rock world for nearly two decades now. With their first offering “The Fundamental Elements Of Southtown” P.O.D became a huge success on radio soon after they released their multi platinum selling album “Satellite.” After a long haul on the road the fellas took a break and made a few changes to their line up and brought on guitar player Jason Truby for their next record. Although the record was great, it didn’t have the same feel we have come to know and love from P.O.D. After another world tour supporting the album P.O.D rekindled their relationship with former guitarist Marcos Curiel. With the magic back and another album under their belts P.O.D is out to ignite their fans and continue to reaching more with every show. Come check them out for yourself Monday the 29th, supported by Flyleaf. Tickets can be purchased at Marathon Music Works in advance for only $10 or at the door for $25. If you can’t make it, check back here. We will have sweet pictures posted of their night in Nashville.


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